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26 Apr 2018

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11 May 2017

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11 May 2017

We're thrilled you decided to join the discussion on speaker branding!

You can catch up with us on https://www.facebook.com/lovedlockedloaded where we'll be posting speaker branding related articles, as well as on our blog.

If you'd like to talk about getting your speaker brand loved, locked and loaded - please get in touch!

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03 May 2017

We’ve been working with incredible international speaker brands since 2002, developing a methodology designed to elevate speaker branding. These strategies and techniques have helped take professional speakers from small conference cameos to some of the most recognisable names in the events world.


Who is this for?

If you're a professional speaker (or looking to take the leap into becoming one) and need to increase your audience, increase your fees or be able to pick and choose your clients, this not-so-white paper is for you.

We've distilled everything we've learned about branding speakers into this guide as a resource that you can use as a complete blueprint, a checklist for success or just to cherry pick and target areas for improvement.

If you want a team that anticipates your every need and delivers on promises do yourself a favour...call LLL.

Fiona Pascoe, Sales Consultant/Coach/Trainer

What will I learn?

Our not-so-white paper contains guides on everything from positioning to topics to image style to website development. For speakers wanting to move up to a bigger stage, it offers insight into what areas of their business could use improvement. For those just starting out, it's a complete blueprint for success as a professional speaker.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch!


Do I have to subscribe?

Nope - we'd love it if you did, but we're not email-gating this in any way.


What next?

The NOT-so-white paper on speaker branding launches our new series of articles, tips and live Q&As on speaker branding. If you'd like to join in, subscribe below

04 Jun 2016

Our passion is for creating and rolling out incredible brands.

Creating a bullet proof brand isn't done with pretty logos. We need to ensure your brand meets your business objectives, with every dot on the page aligning to the internal and external perception your business needs.

Here's how it works:

If you have pre-existing brand strategy

Most projects require brand development and rollout across physical and digital touchpoints - business cards, web, social, letterheads, etc.

See our work Get in touch

If you need brand strategy

We've developed our own business analysis method for getting the data we need to create your brand's positioning that we implement over the course of 7 - 10 days. We call this the Week of Love, and it involves workshops with the principals, staff and stakeholders of your organisation. These intensive sessions culminate with a presentation outlining your brand positioning that we'll use to inform the project rollout. This may also identify the need for more research, which can be conducted with an external partner.

See our work Get in touch

If you need ongoing work on an existing brand

If you've got the strategy and it's been rolled out, but now you need ongoing design, we can help existing brands follow strict (or not so strict!) guidelines. We offer both hourly and retainer packages for businesses that need ongoing design work.

See our work Get in touch

For professional speakers

Professional speakers are our specialty. We've rebranded some of the most amazing business speakers - both locally and internationally. We also created the brands for one of Australia's most prestigious speaker bureaus and one of the largest speaking agencies in the world. See our speaker rebrands.

Speakers that we've branded are able to increase their keynote rates significantly and get more bookings. The credibility of a solid brand is invaluable and includes support with positioning, creating topics and messaging. We also create all the materials you need to help bureaus and your agent promote you more effectively - when you're easier for them to sell in, you become the obvious choice.

Our speaker brands Get in touch


Jen and Kelsey are also available for keynotes, conferences and breakout sessions on branding where we illuminate the power of branding through our own method; The Brand Power Equation.

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24 Apr 2015

Loved. Locked. Loaded is the speaker branding team.

It's fair to say that we know speakers better than any other branding team in the world.

Starting with Peter Sheahan almost fifteen years ago and including some of Australia's hottest presenters we continue to make speakers look great today.

What can we do for you?

We provide presenters with a unique brand that reflects their persona and results in tangibly higher bookings.

Our work can include logo and supporting brand look and feel development, web design, development and ongoing management, consulting on positioning, taglines, business cards and slide templates. We art direct unique phtoshoots that reflect and support your new brand. We create models that visually support your IP, make complex concepts simple and raise your hotness quotient sky high.

We also:

Write bios

Presenters are great at telling businesses what to do, but not always so awesome at writing about themselves. We cut through the chaff and write compelling, stripped back bios that sell.


We evaluate all your brand messaging and ensure it's consistent, on point, readable and compelling.

Write topics

You tell us what you talk about we'll write up your topics in way that is concise and saleable.

We work with amazing photographers and video editors to help your presence as a speaker reach the next level.

Our speaker clients include

Speaker brands we've loved, locked and loaded

Peter Sheahan (2002), Adam Fraser (2002), ChangeLabs (2010), Dominic Thurbon (2010), Sam Cawthorn (2010), StandOut Advantage (2010), Colin James (2011), Ovations (2012), ODE (2013), Michael Mcqueen (2012), The Kouk (2013), Katrina Walton (2014), Avril Henry (2015)

27 Mar 2015

Get in touch to get your brand loved, locked and loaded!

Suite 1, 568 Darling St, Rozelle, NSW 2039

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Jen Sheahan

0414 837 969

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headshot kelsey

Kelsey Brookes

0410 579 149

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Martin Heffernan

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27 Mar 2015

Loved. Locked. Loaded. is a multidisciplinary team of diverse individuals with a creative flair for.....

Oh my god. I'm so bored...


Let's make it simple. Scroll down to find out who we are or view our body of work.


Here's what we believe

That each business is unique and alive. That awesome work is the only reason to be doing this. That the love and passion we bring to the table isn't an option. That we hate the words "That's not in scope". That what we do has meaning - for us, for you and for your clients.

Here's our team

Jen Sheahan

Brand lover extraordinaire, tango dancer, consumer of (ample) fine wines; the creative heart of the Loved.Locked.Loaded. team.

Jen’s professional life is deeply personal. It’s no coincidence that most of her clients become lifelong friends. Passionate and authentic in everything she does, she is unapologetically honest, contagiously effervescent and strikes the sweet spot between quirky creative and decisive expert.

Jen’s designs are relentlessly strategic due to extensive experience partnering with international brand strategists and thought leaders to visually translate brands.

The magic for Jen is where design meets narrative; when a powerful aesthetic delivers on purpose, communicates on message and has tangible and resonant impact.

Always with her heart on her sleeve; she loves what she does, only works with brands she loves, and doesn’t stop until they are loved.

Jen has worked alongside some of Australia's greatest brand strategists: here's what Penny Burke has to say about her:

"Quality is always paramount with Jen, irrespective of the time frame – she just gets it done, on time and on budget and looking great."

Penny Burke, Essence Communications

Connect with Jen on LinkedIn

Kelsey Brookes

Lover of coffee, quirky hair king and an opera singer in a previous life, Kelsey is uber intelligent, highly witty and a consummate gentleman.

The transactional hemisphere of the Loved.Locked.Loaded. branding brain, Kelsey keeps the eye on the prize when it comes to delivering inspired work that also leads to business success.

He likes stuff that sells. Words, websites, design; it doesn’t matter, as long as the right balance of the narrative and transaction is achieved.

A veteran of over 20 years in digital development, copywriting and strategy, Kelsey knows how to build websites that work and how to craft the right message, at the right time. He also has the rare ability to demystify the geeky stuff so it’s easily understood by mere mortals.

He’s worked extensively with speaker agencies and bureaus over the past 8 years across content, marketing, online execution and social platforms.

When it comes to knowing which buttons to push, Kelsey’s loaded.

Here's what futurist and author Michael McQueen has to say about him:

"Kelsey is the consummate professional. He is responsive, creative and technically brilliant. I would wholeheartedly endorse him to anyone looking for a web designer who goes the extra mile."

Michael McQueen, Author, Futurist

Connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn

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