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Loved. Locked. Loaded. is a multidisciplinary team of diverse individuals with a creative flair for.....

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Here's what we believe

That each business is unique and alive. That awesome work is the only reason to be doing this. That the love and passion we bring to the table isn't an option. That we hate the words "That's not in scope". That what we do has meaning - for us, for you and for your clients.

Here's our team

Jen Sheahan

Brand lover extraordinaire, tango dancer, consumer of (ample) fine wines; the creative heart of the Loved.Locked.Loaded. team.

Jen’s professional life is deeply personal. It’s no coincidence that most of her clients become lifelong friends. Passionate and authentic in everything she does, she is unapologetically honest, contagiously effervescent and strikes the sweet spot between quirky creative and decisive expert.

Jen’s designs are relentlessly strategic due to extensive experience partnering with international brand strategists and thought leaders to visually translate brands.

The magic for Jen is where design meets narrative; when a powerful aesthetic delivers on purpose, communicates on message and has tangible and resonant impact.

Always with her heart on her sleeve; she loves what she does, only works with brands she loves, and doesn’t stop until they are loved.

Jen has worked alongside some of Australia's greatest brand strategists: here's what Penny Burke has to say about her:

"Quality is always paramount with Jen, irrespective of the time frame – she just gets it done, on time and on budget and looking great."

Penny Burke, Essence Communications

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Kelsey Brookes

Lover of coffee, quirky hair king and an opera singer in a previous life, Kelsey is uber intelligent, highly witty and a consummate gentleman.

The transactional hemisphere of the Loved.Locked.Loaded. branding brain, Kelsey keeps the eye on the prize when it comes to delivering inspired work that also leads to business success.

He likes stuff that sells. Words, websites, design; it doesn’t matter, as long as the right balance of the narrative and transaction is achieved.

A veteran of over 20 years in digital development, copywriting and strategy, Kelsey knows how to build websites that work and how to craft the right message, at the right time. He also has the rare ability to demystify the geeky stuff so it’s easily understood by mere mortals.

He’s worked extensively with speaker agencies and bureaus over the past 8 years across content, marketing, online execution and social platforms.

When it comes to knowing which buttons to push, Kelsey’s loaded.

Here's what futurist and author Michael McQueen has to say about him:

"Kelsey is the consummate professional. He is responsive, creative and technically brilliant. I would wholeheartedly endorse him to anyone looking for a web designer who goes the extra mile."

Michael McQueen, Author, Futurist

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