18 May 2017

Bureaus work with thousands of speakers on hundreds of events. Make sure you’re the easiest to sell in.

15 Jan 2017

We're very proud to announce that we've won a silver at the 2016 Visual Identity Awards!

28 Nov 2016

How to turn an otherwise boring industry into something magical.

05 Oct 2016

If your brand isn't creating the action you need, it could be that your message is getting lost.

24 Mar 2016

Solutions is the word you use when you can't be bothered defining your product or service.

15 Feb 2016

How is it possible that in 2016 no-one has shaken up this useless travesty of an industry?

04 Feb 2016

Luxury watches have never relied on middle-class incomes to drive their business, so why is it that the Apple Watch has managed to put such a dent in their coffers?

01 Dec 2015

You know that moment when you realise something isn't quite right with your car? Except it's after you get back from the mechanic.... and you realise you've suddenly become an inadvertent rolling advertisement.

22 Oct 2015

#1 Solutions

This is the laziest word in marketing. If you use ‘solutions’ in your tagline, you’ve either failed to think about what you do for longer than a few seconds or you can’t articulate it.

28 Jul 2015

Last night I watched the first episode of season 15 of Grand Designs, 'Living in the City'. It's a 'flashback' episode where they look back over fifteen years of spectacular architecture and focus on what makes these ambitious, beautiful, and frequently tiny city dwellings a work of art.

Usually this is where I'd have a whinge about flashback episodes being a sign of either lazy writing or budget cuts. Not this time. Instead I was transfixed by a realisation that could only have come with the comparison of a cohort of similar builds.

These incredible city dwellings are truly grand designs not in spite of their constraints, but because of them.

25 Apr 2015

In retrospect, it's amazing how quickly the SEO discussion came to dominate conversations with clients.

For the first decade of the web's existence, search engines (such as they were) were pretty terrible. No one engine stood ascendant and users chose their search engine based on what type of content they were looking for. In 1998 Google immediately and radically changed that forever.

13 Apr 2015

We've all seen them; vertically flowing landing pages designed to create a trust narrative, peppered with testimonials, videos and the ever-increasing hard sell that culminates in a call to action for whatever they're selling. 

What if those landing pages are costing you traffic?

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