Speaker Branding

Loved. Locked. Loaded is the speaker branding team.

It's fair to say that we know speakers better than any other branding team in the world.

Starting with Peter Sheahan almost fifteen years ago and including some of Australia's hottest presenters we continue to make speakers look great today.

What can we do for you?

We provide presenters with a unique brand that reflects their persona and results in tangibly higher bookings.

Our work can include logo and supporting brand look and feel development, web design, development and ongoing management, consulting on positioning, taglines, business cards and slide templates. We art direct unique phtoshoots that reflect and support your new brand. We create models that visually support your IP, make complex concepts simple and raise your hotness quotient sky high.

We also:

Write bios

Presenters are great at telling businesses what to do, but not always so awesome at writing about themselves. We cut through the chaff and write compelling, stripped back bios that sell.


We evaluate all your brand messaging and ensure it's consistent, on point, readable and compelling.

Write topics

You tell us what you talk about we'll write up your topics in way that is concise and saleable.

We work with amazing photographers and video editors to help your presence as a speaker reach the next level.

Our speaker clients include

Speaker brands we've loved, locked and loaded

Peter Sheahan (2002), Adam Fraser (2002), ChangeLabs (2010), Dominic Thurbon (2010), Sam Cawthorn (2010), StandOut Advantage (2010), Colin James (2011), Ovations (2012), ODE (2013), Michael Mcqueen (2012), The Kouk (2013), Katrina Walton (2014), Avril Henry (2015)

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