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Solutions. The crappest word in the marketer's handbook.

Solutions is the word you use when you can't be bothered defining your product or service.

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Cinema advertising. Just the f**king worst.

How is it possible that in 2016 no-one has shaken up this useless travesty of an industry?

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Are you the annoying bumper sticker of brands?

You know that moment when you realise something isn't quite right with your car? Except it's after you get back from the mechanic.... and you realise you've suddenly become an inadvertent rolling advertisement.

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If you use these terms your marketing is bad and you should feel bad.

#1 Solutions

This is the laziest word in marketing. If you use ‘solutions’ in your tagline, you’ve either failed to think about what you do for longer than a few seconds or you can’t articulate it.

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