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Confidence & Connection, the keys to kick-arse keynotes

It’s not widely known, despite Jen’s best efforts, that I once trained as an opera singer.

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How your brand can help bureaus sell you in as a professional speaker

Bureaus work with thousands of speakers on hundreds of events. Make sure you’re the easiest to sell in.

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Committing to your brand story

How to turn an otherwise boring industry into something magical.

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Inconsistent branding? Say goodbye to sales.

If your brand isn't creating the action you need, it could be that your message is getting lost.

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Branding is purpose

Everything comes back to purpose. Professionally and personally, without purpose we're lost.

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The Sushi Friction Point

When introducing small charges has an outsize effect on customer experience.

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Luxury watch makers are losing the branding game

Luxury watches have never relied on middle-class incomes to drive their business, so why is it that the Apple Watch has managed to put such a dent in their coffers?

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What Game of Thrones can teach you about your brand

After contemplating my first official blog for some days, instead of actually writing it, I sat for dinner and game of thrones with my husband. Procrastination? Or simply a lack of inspiration? Methinks it was a little bit of both!

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