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Green Real Estate

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The Sitch

A boutique property firm on the fringe of Sydney’s inner west, Green Real Estate Agency faced a unique challenge. Their existing brand didn’t reflect the sophistication of the agency as a whole, or the results that the team could achieve for clients. However, they were clear that a rebrand shouldn’t position the business as too ‘premium’ and risk alienating a large percentage of their target market. Navigating the exact right degree of ‘premium feel’ formed a large part of the initial information gathering phase.

Additionally, it was important that the association with the word and use of the colour ‘green’, avoided overt sustainability overtones, as the term referred to the surname of the business owners, not their values.

Finally, their approach to advertising and marketing needed to be more proactive; requiring us to rationalise all marketing material, streamline internal processes around creating collateral and reduce printing costs.

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The Fix

Using insights gained from our internal research process, conducting interviews with senior stakeholders and workshops with the entire team of agents and admin staff, we crafted a positioning that reflected their brand aspirations.

That positioning was then translated across all business silos and into the tagline, elevator pitch and essence. It also informed the photography style, which was intended to stand out from typical real estate or lifestyle photography standards and integrate and support the brand.

From there, our brand audit allowed us to rationalise and reduce the agency’s printed collateral. We also re-wrote much of the content for the brochures for clarity and tone of voice. Overall, we reduced the number of brochures from X to Y, and reduced the number of pages in each. In one case, from W to Z.

Additionally, the agency required an enormous variety of other branded material, ranging from corflute signboards, to front-window property displays & powerpoint templates, car wraps, contracts, and more. We also assisted in sourcing on-brand giftware as part of our recommendations around buyer/seller brand interaction, and made sure the office fit-out was on-brand.

We also rolled out an entirely bespoke website, matched to the brand look and feel and with an entirely custom integration with a national real estate aggregator service. This allowed us to develop listings pages that looked like magazine spreads, while still maintaining a level of editing access for clients.

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The Afterglow

Greens’ agency has been successfully rebranded and rolled out across all touchpoints. The team is delighted with the outcome and have expressed that they feel more professional and confident with their new branded uniforms, business cards and office fit out.

Printing costs are significantly down, the agency is vastly more visible and presents a consistent impression to their market. Tellingly, other local agents are attempting to duplicate the photography style, however without fully understanding the rationale, they fail to achieve the same impact.

The brand now has a clear direction that is fundamental in their ongoing marketing efforts. Their tone of voice, look and feel and communications are consistent, on brand and effective.

The team at loved locked loaded are amazing, immediately showing the love, care and passion they have for their work and clients. They showed us new way to look at our brand, spent the time to learn our business, workshopped with our staff, listened to our goals, vision and plans, and together produced an amazing brand that we and our team are proud of.

Michael Green & Visarach Phadermchit - Directors
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